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Improving Processes Across All Industries

No matter your industry, our diverse Business Solutions can be customized to fit your specific needs.

optiBOT has been designed to optimize the way your organization gets things done. Our user-friendly system allows you and your team to efficiently manage documents, projects with ease.

Document storage, workflow processes, electronic forms, data capture, and project collaboration are features available to you with optiBOT. Contact one of our industry experts to get started!

Diverse Industry Solutions

Customize and monitor project work-flows while streamlining document processing and creation.

Improve document management and processing whle reducing the need for physical storage space and guaranteeing document integrity.

Increase employee productivity by streamlining document storage, access, sharing, copying and replacing.

Reduce costs and improve donations management by optimizing your document storage, creation, and processing.

Saving you time and money with every deal, every part order and every repair order.

Get more done with less paper. Federal, state, and local governments can reduce costs and increase productivity.

Confidentially store and extract crucial information from case files, discovery paperwork, and more.

Streamline student enrollment and onboarding, time sheets, employment applications and more.

Improving patient care by reducing time spent managing physicians' orders, billing claims forms and more.

Quickly adapt to market requirements while reducing operational costs with our optiSTORE, optiFORMS, and optiFLOW solutions

Boost productivity while improving document management, reducing the need for storage space, and guaranteeing document integrity

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Cross Industry Solutions

Accounts Payables

Reduce the cost of invoice processing while eliminating the issue of lost invoices.

Accounts Payables

-Improve the audit process

-Trade in late payment penalties for early payment discounts

-Increase department productivity by reducing manual data entry

Human Resources

Lower the overall costs associated with the hiring process and easily access employee files.

Human Resources

-Reduce the cost of labor and physical storage

-Comply with regulations and prevent loss and theft of important records

-Reduce time spent on manual data entry

Contract Management

Streamline your organizations contract storage, security, and approval process.

Contract management

-Automate contract communications

-Monitor approval time

-Standardize contract creation

-Proptmly address disputes

Asset Management

Ensure your company's tangible and intagible assets are maintained and accounted for.

Asset Management

-Improve inventory capabilities

-Compute life-cycle costs

-Exercise long-term financial planning

-Improve acquisition and use