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Work Together Better

optiTALK allows your organization to work together with external collaborators in a safe, monitored environment.

Features within optiTALK offer automated workflow and notifications allowing companies to work together better. Project progress can be transmitted to internal users for workflow updates, or needed actions.

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Project Portals

optiTALK offers a simple, monitored portal used to work together with collaborators outside the organization. Project Portals have their own data and rules allowing for customizable projects.

Project Portals

The user friendly, customizable features of optiFLOW are what make the system more efficient. optiFLOW was designed to allow for a flexible set of workflow prompts; giving you the opportunity to fully customize your workflow processes across multiple departments.

Electronic Forms

Electronic Forms are used throughout our business solutions offering a streamlined document management system. optiTALK allows the same document solutions to be utilized with external users.

Electronic Forms

Using Electronic Forms in conjunction with Project Portals means accurate filing, designated access, and improved workflow.

Progress Tracking

Progress tracking meters within optiTALK grants designated internal and external users monitoring capabilities.

Progress Tracking

optiTALK Project Portals can be optimized by incorporating the optiFLOW solution. Automated reminders and notifications allow for improved time and project management

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