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Turn your documents into usable data

optiCAP+ allows your organization to scan documents from anywhere and access key information in an instant. The user-friendly data capture technology is part of a large offering of business solutions that work together to automate processes across all departments.

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How it works

There are 3 optiCAP+ steps that flow together in a web-based system that provides your team with the ability to turn documents into usable data.


The optiCAP+ solution captures document data scanned from multiple sources.

Step 1

The first step in the optiCAP+ process is the document import and scan. The fast and easy Capture step then absorbs the essential information contained in the scanned document for easy access and future reference.

Extract & Allocate

Essential data is captured, extracted, and appropriately allocates that information.

Step 2

This crucial step within the optiCAP+ process classifies the captured data and allocates the information appropriately according to your teams informational needs and requirements.

Route & Store

Publish extracted data to multiple optiBOT business solutions dtermined by your organizations needs.

Step 3

The final step is what makes optiCAP+ a necessary solution for your organization. The data extracted during Step 2 is published, stored, and used to trigger workflows, create forms, and process essential data.

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