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Decreased Costs and Increased Productivity

Government organizations are faced with a demand to produce more while keeping costs low. We can help with that!

optiBOT is a document management solution that stores, catalogs and secures your organizaiton's paper documents.

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Instant Document Access

optiSTORE allows users to quickly search information stored within documents, greatly reducing time spent combing through a mountain of files.

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Reduced Processing

With our optiBOT business solutions workflow processes will be improved tremendously! optiFLOW provides organizations with the tools they need to efficiently monitor complete tasks.

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Improved Productivity

Our solutions give your organization the tools needed to produce more with less cost and paper. The implementation of optiBOT solutions is the first step to streamlining your workflow.

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Reduced Administrative Costs

Manual data entry is a drain on your institutions human resources and productivity. With optiCAP+ your administrative team can scan documents and let optiCAP+ do the rest, freeing up their time and resources to ensure optimal office operations.

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