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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Business Continuity Resources

Equipping Your Organization for the Coronavirus Attack on Businesses

The global business community is facing an unprecedented crisis and continue to encounter productivity interruptions. As a community we are witnessing how global crises diminish business operations. Technology, though not a cure-all, helps businesses across all industries stay ahead as well as aggressively expand their operations at such times. The ability to conduct business from multiple locations and without meeting in person is becoming easier. Optimum Efficiency Group (OEG), which powers and provides data management solutions, is a technology which can be accessed anywhere.

We Are Here To Help

During this time of crises great opportunities to serve are abundant, we have the privilege to continue serving our partners and clients who are serving our communities combating this virus and rely on the essential and diverse services that we provide.

We are proud to serve our communities and businesses during this critical time. As stay-home orders and business closures are issued, businesses are struggling to find ways to keep their doors open and OEG is working daily to develop new ways to assist and lessen the burden. If your business is in need, we are here to help.

OEG is a coordinated offering of intelligent document capture solutions, workflows, storage, document management for easy storage and retrieval, and more. These integrated solutions allow you and your team to work in a virtual workspace, anytime anywhere by either using digital forms or converting paper forms into digital files, that are seamlessly organized and stored over the cloud for an effortless and secure access. The workflow processes are easy to create by business users and do not require the involvement of software professionals. All OEG solutions are cloud-ready and offer simple customization solutions to your team working from anywhere around the world!

Our robust solutions are head and shoulders above regular document management applications. These easy to use solutions help users to make changes and annotations to documents and files on the go. They also allow to easily redact confidential text when necessary. These solutions are available on demand in the matter of a few clicks and can be accessed from any secure desktop, laptop, or mobile. The high availability of the OEG solution not only accelerates processes but also removes bottle necks. The solutions are easy to expand across departments and industries such as HR operations, accounts payables, case management, legal departments, and many more. 

How We Help

While OEG may be a one stop shop for your business optimization needs it is not one size fits all. We understand that no two organizations are the same and that needs and challenges can vary greatly, even more so during this global health crisis.

Our expert teams are ready to partner with you and help identify areas within your organization with the greatest need and help guide you and your team through this uncertain time. Don't wait! Get started now.


Business Solutions

Our products provide an easy to use, web-based program for your team to create, store, search, retrieve and manage their documents and processes.


Managed Service Offering

optiPRINT is a technology solution that offers your team a managed print service based on your unique needs and challenges.


Professional Services

We offer a variety of professional services from medical staffing for hospitals, backfile scanning and file conversion to workflow consulting through optiFLOW.


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