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Accounts Payables

True Invoice Automation

Trade in late payment penalties for early payment discounts!

Our business solutions offer your Accounts Payables department easy to use, web-based tools to process, reference, fulfill and store invoices. You will see an increase in the overall productivity of your AP team by eliminating manual data entry. Timely payments will also increase with optimized workflow triggers and progress reporting to keep your team on track. Reach out to our team of experts and schedule a free demo!

How We Help

We can help your institution efficiently manage your documents electronically, saving you manual searching and data entry, physical file storage costs, processing and customer wait times.

Reduced Cost

Reduce the cost of processing an invoice and save significant money in the long run by eliminating manual data entry, optimized workflow and document storage.

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Improved Accuracy

Eliminate or greatly reduce the issue of lost or overlooked invoices. our solutions also improve account accuracy by eliminating error prone manual data entry.

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Instant Information

Information and documents can be found in an instant, reducing customer wait times and improving manual resources. No more combing through endless files to find what you need.

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File Protection

Implementing a web-based document management solution protects your organization and vendors from the possibility of document loss due to unforeseen disasters while maintaining on-site storage.

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With our teams diverse processes and systems expertise, there are multiple solutions available to ensure

your financial institution is more productive and efficient.